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Carbon fibre friendly

The Problem
With carbon fibre becoming a very popular material to build bicycles from, isn't it time that we considered how we look after this material?

"Conventional bicycle racks with a clamping system to secure the bike in position can lead to cracking - having worked for a company that fixed Carbon Fibre frames I'm very aware of how common the problem is." Sam Brightman, Scorpion Racks founder
Despite carbon fibre being a very strong material, it does have its weaknesses. Even if the clamping force isn't enough to damage the frame itself, whilst driving over rough ground or round corners the pressure can increase dramatically - leading to the possibility of cracking the carbon fibre.

The Solution
Our racks don't clamp the frame, at all. This means they're safe to use with carbon fibre bicycles. The end result is you can transport your bicycle without any fear of damaging the frame! Along with showing it off in style.