How do I set up the rack? 
Here we show you how to install both the rack & bikes on your car.

How do I assemble the rack?
All you need to assemble the rack are 2 x 19mm spanners. We offer these for just £3 if you don't have your own. Find them here

Can I collect my rack?
Yes! Here at Scorpion Racks there is only one thing better than going out for a blast on our bikes and that is meeting our customers!

If you wish to collect a rack in person, please specify collection at the checkout and contact us via email to arrange a convenient time. Collections can be done from Scorpion Racks HQ in Betchworth, Surrey (RH3 7BZ).

Collection is also available from the Pedal and Spoke bike shop in Peaslake, Surrey.

Do you recommend using protection tape?
With some suspension manufacturers using low grade coating techniques for the fork crowns, we recommend using protection tape on these surfaces to prevent wear.

I haven't got a towbar. What should I go for if I'm getting one of your racks?
This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions but it ultimately depends on your needs.

If you only plan on using your rack on the back of the car and don't tow a trailer then we recommend getting a detachable flange plate style tow ball as seen below to mount your rack too.

Using this system you can leave the rack attached to the flange plate and it is incredibly quick and easy to remove and install the rack. Witter is the brand we recommend. Alternatively any swan neck tow ball will be absolutely fine.

More info can be found here.

Can you lock the bikes onto the rack?
Yes! It is possible to loop a cable lock through the rack and frames of the bike securing them together.