Scorpion Racks mount to your car via either a 'Swan Neck' towbar or a standard flange plate. We offer a different rack for each mounting option.

If you have any questions regarding mounting your rack, please get in touch.

The Swan Neck towbar

These are by far the most common style of towbar. If you already have one of these installed then you'll need our rack with a built in towball adapter. Our towball adapter clamps the towball evenly on all sides to provide a secure fit.

The flange plate

This is much more common on trucks and vans. With this setup, you'll need our flange plate mounted rack. A pair of bolts will secure the rack directly to your flange plate.

If you don't have a tow bar...

If you don't have a tow bar and you want one just to carry bikes then we recommend going for a detachable flange plate tow bar, such as this from Witter.

This system partnered with our flange plate rack can be easily removed and installed using the tow bar detachment system and means that you don't have to bolt the rack on between uses.

Clearance with spare wheels
Due to the way in which the rack holds the bike on the back of the the vehicle, there is a possibility that there may be some interference with cars that have a spare wheel on the back. This can usually be resolved by either reclining the rack further or removing the front wheel of the bike.